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Below you will find my best works of art that were recorded (how many of us have really ripped one that we wished had been recorded???). Some of them were by my friend Brent. He does all right, but you can see why it's Mr. Pooky's Gas Page and not Brent's! Also, I have added some Real Audio files for sounds that are over 50k in size! I will be adding more in the future. To listen to a real audio file, click on the where it is available. If you don't have real audio, what are you waiting for? Go get it!! It's Free.

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My Farts!

Fart 1 Sounds Like Squeaky Cheese! Brent Fart 1 Brents famous tripler!
Fart 2 I can't explain this one! Brent Fart 2 Uhhh, I guess he beat me with this one! I give it a 10 for creativity.
Fart 3 My friend Brent's classic one-liner! (Usually leaves one line in his underwear!) Gump Fart Sounds like what Forrest would sound like when farting! (Okay this one was slowed down!)
Fart 4 Excuse my ass! Fart 20 One of my classics!
Fart 5 Starts off kinda weak but a great finish! Fart 21 Another good one! Would you belive they smell like roses?
Fart 6 Almost sounds like 2 farts in 1. I am tallented! Fart 22 A little airy.
Fart 7 Uhhh, Okay. Fart 23 Can't you feel the vibration on this one?
Fart 8 Talk about bad vibrations! Fart 24 Secret Fart!
Fart 9 Kinda zippy if you ask me! Fart 25 Sounds like that was in a hurry to get out!
Fart 10 If you can't do it all at once, do a little at a time! Fart 26 This one sounds frightened!
Fart 11 Another multi-part fart! Fart 27 Another of my creations.
Fart 12 Man, how do I do it? Fart 28 Farting down a bumpy road!
Fart 13 Sounds like spitting out tobbacki. Fart 29 Okay, what can I say?
Fart 14 Kinda squeaky. Fart 30 Nice and smooth!
Fart 15 I've got these multi-part farts down! Fart 31 A little too bubbly!
Fart 16 Sounds like it's whispering! Fart 32 One of my favorites! Sounds like a door in need of greasin'.
Fart 17 That's better, shout it out! Brent Fart 3 Another one of Brent's Farts!
Fart 18 Dang, what's your hurry?
Fart 19 I ain't got time to mess around, just do it!


Here are more of my creations. I hope you enjoy them! Click on the to hear the Wav version and the to hear the real audio version.

8 seconds. I call this the rodeo fart. I went the entire 8 seconds!! My friend Brent's latest (and possibly greatest!) Naaaasty!
Watch out, she's gonna blow!! Your everyday Pooky fart.
Wow, now why couldn't I do one like this at work?? Sounds like a gas model plane in trouble!
This one was powered by refried beans and Busch beer! Another favorite of mine!
Sounds like it's muttering. Woooorrrrrrb!
2 parter farter. Damn, sounds like and old time airplane taking off!
This was a good day to record farts! Must get out, NOW!!
Definitely a good one. Lot's of bass, watch your speakers! Another zippy one.
Good sound, very pleasant to the ears. Kind of strange! Almost sounds like some is trying to get back in!
Oh yeah, definitely a good one! Nice and crisp.
Heeeeeere's the wind up, and the pitch! 3 parter with good bass!
Sounds like it's going to be a weak one, then the full punch! A little bonus fart at the end is the final effort.

My latest farts and burps can be found here!

Here is a wav file of a friend of mines kid laughing at farts!



My Burps!

Beer Burp Deep Burp
Beer Burp Burp Nice 2 part burping action!
Beer Burp Burp One of my better ones!
Beer Burp Monster Burp Sounds like he's coming right for ya!
Brent's Beer Burp Another of Brent's lameBurps!
Brent's Beer Burp 2 Brent Burp 5
Another Brent Burp Brent Burp 6
One of my famous Burps Burp 20
Burp 2 Burp 21
Burp 3 Burp 22
Burp 4 Burp 23
Burp 5 Burp 24
Burp 6
Burp 7 Man, I try so hard to get a good burp for ya! Listen to that strain.


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