Famous Farts


Here are some farts and burps that were made famous by song, movies or television. Some of these you may remember and others, well, almost seem made up! Anyway check these out and enjoy!

Sick Monkey! - This happened on the set of South Park. Apparently this was an out-take from the Mr. Hankey episode. Let's have a listen, shall we? Mmmmm Kayyy

Smell like shit - Supposedly, Mr. Hankey got pissed off at the director when he got tired of having to be a nice turd all the time and blurted this out.

*Rotten Elmo - Here's a sound byte from a product that barely made it to market. An Engineer was fired when the company had accidentally shipped out 10,000 Tickle Me Elmo® dolls that had been programmed with fart sounds! Here is a rare recording of the actual programmed sound!!

*Captain Kirk - Star Trek®. Just the name conjures up images of the 1960's. Many people don't know this, but this show was almost scrapped from the beginning. In the pilot, William Shatner, who was upset that he wasn't allowed to direct, added this scene that infuriated the producers.You can hear an obviously angered "Bones" who didn't know he would try such a thing! Let's take a listen!!

One Small Step - The first words when man stepped on the moon have been somewhat of a controversy. Remember that some of the words were choppy and couldn't understand them? Well, now, thanks to technology just becoming available, we can let you hear the actual words from that historic moment!

*Homer J. - The Simpsons®. WooHoo! I don't think there has been a more popular prime time cartoon ever!! I have to admit it is one of my favorite shows. FOX® is known for it's outlandish behavior in the shows it airs, however this one scene was even too much for them! Apparently the show was edited at the last minute when threats were received from SAFOTV (Society Against Farting On Television) which claimed they would set off a fertilizer bomb on the set. FOX® had no comment on whether this was true or not.

Ahhh, relief! - This clip from a 1972 Alka-Seltzer® commercial never aired due to liability reasons. They had no idea there was a commercial almost exactly like it (so they claimed)!!

*Andy - The 1960's and Television. When you think of these 2 things you can't help but think of The Andy Griffith Show®!! Many people don't know this, but Don Knotts can't sing. He knows this but he has a hell of a whistle!! They called upon him to make the the theme song. He took home the recording equipment (he was shy) and proceeded to try to make the theme song. Well, he had been drinking and getting experimental and here is one of the submissions that never made it on the air.

*Rocky - Here is the sound from the 1960's cartoon Rocky & Bullwinkle® Show. Apparently the actor who did the voice of Rocky was known to be quite the lush. He would frequently go out the night before recording the show and drink Old Milwaukee® Beer and eat pickled eggs until blue in the face. Then everyone else paid for it the next day!! Let's have a listen...

*Buuuuudd - Them Damn Budweiser frogs! I think this one should actually be a spokesfrog for Buttweiper!!

*Time - Some things weren't meant to be bottled!!

Cartman - Poor Cartman, his ass must really hurt!

Turbo-Lax - (209k) You may remember this classic seen from Dumb and Dumber. Hilarious! Or download this 159k Zip File

Farting Contest - Another classic moent in movie history. Remember the farting contest around the fire in Blazing Saddles? This should jog your memory!

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