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Got time to kill and want to see more Gasseous sites? Maybe you have a project in school about farting and need some research or audio/visual aids? Check this list of sites out! They are some of the best on the web. If you would like to submit your site or have a suggestion on a site, please e-mail and we will check it out! If you have a gassy site, you may want to join the Gas Webring. It's fast, fun and free!


World's Windiest Website

Check out the World's Windiest Website! Believe it or not, this guy actually has live performances where he farts on command! Wow, my hero!
Check out this site!
Did you know that people fart an average of 10-15 times a day! I guess that makes me an over-achiever! Check out Beakman's site and learn more.
The Fart Factory

Check out this site! The Fart Factory is serious about making the highest quality farts out there.
- Now you can buy this hilarious CD! It includes the songs "Big Long Turd" and "Farty Party" as well as others. Check out this site!

Farting Fanatical Fools

Check out the this site! Another great one.

Triplers Fart Page

Check out the Ultimate Fart Page. This is a great site that even has fart lighting videos, WOW!!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the band:

Check out Jerry's Website. He is a friend of mine that makes parodies to songs, some of which have gassy content! Go ahead and check it out.

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