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Below you will find farts and burps submitted by people like you! If you would like to submit a gas wav, please do so by emailing it to me. So sit back and relax, let's have some fun. And to cebrate actually getting females farts and burps, we put this Girl Farts icon everywhere we know it's from a girl!


Here are submissions from people like you!

Added Sunday 11/28/1999

Yeah Allison, not a bad fart (for a girl) Brad, Nice Fart, dude! A real ripper.
Allison, great burps, I smell real potential here! This is from my nephew Brad Man. He burps a welcome message for you!
Not too bad a burp from Allison. Brian, I wish I could belch with such tone!
This guy goes by Captain Ass. I don't know why he sent burps if he uses that name?? Nice set Chrissy! It's always nice to get submissions from girls.
Another Captain Ass Burp. Be careful when listening to these from him, VERY LOUD! Good Job. Check out these 2 burps from Collete. Nice!
Creedo, my God, what great skill! He can fart to the Star Wars Theme and here is the proof... Collete sent a fart too! Great sound.
The person who sent this didn't give their name, but they said it sounded like a cricket. Well, not to me! A nice mellow fart from Dave. Thanks!
Doug, Dude, you better wipe your ass after that one! And better rub a little stainlifter on your underwear! A couple wimpy burps from a friend of mine from work. He has potential though! Maybe you've seen his posts in the Fart Forum?
Two more of Doug's farts. Man, I am definetely impressed! 14 second series of burps from Jason. Good work man!
3 different farts from these 13 year old girls Jill and Lacy. Good job girls, very funny!! A Mega Fart from Jon. Dude, your about my closest competition so far! Keep up the good work.
Lacy & Jill like to burp too! Nice full bodied burps for such young girls. Thanks you two. Send in more!! Maybe I spoke too soon, These farts from Justin are hilariious!!
Kevin farts in the first sound file, but what's really amazing is that he burps the alphabet in the second! Great Job!! Quicky burp from Mark.
Series of farts from Martin with a nice finale!! Man Michael, you trying to keep this fart a secret from us? Speak Up next time!!
This guy goes by Morph. It should be firecracker butt! Farts sent in by a girl that goes by Oy Punk Gurl. Nice work or should I say wurk?
The person who sent this fart called it Popeye. Why? Sheeesh. This fart is from Rob. He is only 14 and on his way to Fartdom!!
A burp and a fart from Rob (No relation to the other Rob!) In the first one, it sounds like Todd is farting into stock pot. Dude, don't ever invite me over to supper! 2nd one is a funny composition!
Tex sent us one of his fine burps!



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More Great Submissions!

200k wav file | 78k Zip File - Check out this kid's burp. Man, only 7 years old and already having a bright future! I am so proud!

He can Fart good too!

40k Wav File - Here is a fart submission from May, 1999. Man, at first I thought it was an explosion! Good job unknown farter!

50k Wav File - Man, let's hope this juicy fart is fake, but it sounds Oh to real!!

27k Wav File - Man, this submission from June, 1999 sounds like something got caught in the blades of a lawnmower!!

27k wav 1 | 58k wav 2 | 54k wav 3 - Al sent us these 3 fart wavs in March, 1999. Man, Al, Good Job!!

3k wav File - Short and to the point is how Bill likes to fart! Submitted April, 1999.

9k wav 1 | 14k wav 2 | 83k wav 3 | 10k wav 4 - Brent has finally been taking lessons from me on bettering his burps and farts! The first wav sounds like he was trying to sing La Cucaracha with his ass!

10k wav File - Another TO-THE-POINT fart. CB Donut wastes no time! (Don't ask about the name, I have no idea)

90k wav File - Man Daniel! I hope you didn't blow out your speakers doing this one! Submitted February, 1999.

20k wav File - Submitted May, 1999 by Fiset. This is another funny fart wav!

60k wav File - This file sounds fake to me, but who knows? Submitted March, 1999 by Grant.

31k wav 1| 80k wav 2 | 38k wav 3 - Oh yes Howard, I was very impressed especially with the first one!

32k wav 1 | 39k wav 2 - Submitted in May, 1999, this burp from Hurd gets to the point. Say what you're going to do then do it.

69k wav File - From May, 1999. James has the art of flatulence down baby, yeah!

21k wav File - Matteo has a way with burps too!

27k wav File - Myke likes to impress the ladies with this fart. Submitted June, 1999.

201k wav | 131k wav - Peter can hold his own in the burping contests!

23k wav File - I'm sorry Stephen, it still sounds like you're popping corn out of your ass!

46k wav File - From March, 1999. Man Steve, you need something to liven up your farts!

63k wav File - Thugg sent in this fart in June, 1999. Nice and Crisp!

76k wav File - Damn Warren, sounds like and extra long zipper!

145k wav 1 | 110k wav 2 - This guy goes by ZZ Top, I'm sure it's not the group, or is it? Anyway I give the first one a 10! I liked the words and it was easy to dance to! Submitted June, 1999. (Some of it has been edited for shorter downloads)

54k wav - Blap Blap, this says it all!

80k wav - Submitted May, 1999. Joeseph really knows how to burp. Something tells me he's been practicing!!

61k wav 1 | 29k wav 2 - Man Tom, someday your going to hurt something!

51k wav - This is one of the most funny sounding farts I've heard!!

158k x-files | 240k startrek - Bob made these and sent them to me. I had to crop for file size. Funnier than hell!

117k wav File - Finally a girl sent in a burp! We need more burps and farts from females!!



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